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St. Dennis Band Solo and Quartet Contest - 25th November 2023

A huge well done to everyone that took part in the annual St. Dennis Band Solo and Quartet contest on Saturday 25th November 2023. After unfortunately having to cancel the 2022 contest due to lack of entries, we were delighted to be able to host the event this year at our own band room.

It was especially wonderful to see so many youth players entering, and for many was their first solo contest. A great day was had and thank you to everyone who entered and attended to listen.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our official piano accompanist, Miss. Hannah Hawken.

And most of all a massive thank you to our Adjudicator for the day, Mr. John Hitchens, who was so encouraging of all the players and gave great constructive and positive feedback. His words of advice and support has certainly encouraged many of our first-time entrants to start practising for the 2024 contest already!

We would like to thank all the competitors for travelling to the contest and hope to see you all again for the 2024 Solo and Quartet Contest in November.



Class 2 - Own Choice - 12 years & under

1st        Neythen Powell-Jones                          Bodmin                        84 pts

2nd      Jayden Sloggett                                     St Dennis Youth            82

3rd       Kieran Pascoe                                       St Dennis Youth            81


Class 3 - Own Choice - 15 years & under       

1st        Neythen Powell-Jones                          Bodmin                        85

2nd      Callum Pascoe                                     St Dennis Youth           84


Class 4 - Own Choice - 18 years & under

1st        Corey Williams                                    Camborne                    87

2nd      George Barnes Collier                          Indian Queens             86

3rd       Neythen Powell-Jones                          Bodmin                         85


Class 5 - Aire Varie - 18 years & under

1st        Corey Williams                                    Camborne                    88

2nd      George Barnes-Collier                        Indian Queens             87

3rd       Neythen Powell-Jones                          Camborne                    86


Class 6 - Junior Duet 18 years & under          

1st        Kieran Pascoe & Jayden Sloggett                   St Dennis Youth          84

2nd      Callum & Amber Pascoe                                 St Dennis Youth          83

3rd       Macey Turner & Dileeda Aniceto                   St Dennis Youth          82


Class 9 - Open Percussion                              

1st        Dan Clemments                                                St Dennis Youth          84


Class 10 - Open Slow Melody 

1st        Neil Pascoe                                               St Dennis Band           90

2nd      Sarah Whitehead                                     St Dennis Band           88

3rd       Julie Dobson                                           St Dennis Band            87


Class 11 - Open Aire Varie

1st        Neil Pascoe                                                St Dennis Band            89

2nd      George Barnes-Collier                           Indian Queens              88

3rd       Corey Williams                                         Camborne                    87


Class 12 - Open Duet

1st        George Barnes-Collier

            & Terry Sleeman                                        St Dennis & Indians      90

2nd      Rachell Sloggett & Neil Pascoe               St Dennis Band            88

3rd       Terry Sleeman & Sarah Whitehead       St Dennis Band            87


Class 13 - Open Quartet        

1st -       St Dennis A Band            90




Best Cornet/Soprano                                         Oliver Williams - Indian Queens

Best Euphonium/Baritone                                 Neil Pascoe - St Dennis Band

Best Horn                                                         Sarah Whitehead - St Dennis Band

Most Promising Player

Classes 1-5                                                        Neythen Powell-Jones - Bodmin

Youngest Player

Class 2                                                             Neythen Powell-Jones

Most Entertaining Performance                      George Barnes-Collier & Terry Sleeman - St Dennis

Outstanding performance of the day                  Neil Pascoe - St Dennis Band

Under 18’s Cornwall Solo Contest Champion     Corey Williams – Camborne


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